Tom has helped me through numerous deals, even though I live a thousand miles away in Ohio. Following Tom’s advice, I just left the closing table with a check for $23,167.00 from a house I just sold in Dayton.

Mary Franco, Dayton, Ohio

With Tom’s help, course, and advice I have never looked back. Tom recently helped me through a deal where I received a check for $63,000. I am lucky enough to have crossed paths with Tom about a year ago and with his knowledge and integrity have been able to break free from a job and find financial freedom. 

Andy Matlock, St. Petersburg, Florida

Tom is an experienced investor who has been investing in houses in South Florida for the Last 18 years. I have learned a lot from Tom and we have partnered many deals together that have generated literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in equities and also immediate cash profits. Tom’s teaching style is easy to understand and his techniques really do work in the “Real World.”

Chuck Davis, Parkland, Florida

I am the president and founder of the Boca Real Estate Investors club, better known as BRIC, here in Boca Raton Florida. Tom Nardone is a long time friend and investor since the club’s beginning when he worked as a Letter Carrier for the Postal Service. In 1985, Tom took some courses on buying properties with no money down, and as a carrier, he realized he had a tremendous opportunity before him, to put these no money down principles to work just by simply doing what Letter Carriers do all day long!! They drive around in their mail trucks and they see houses!! While out on his route, he would see houses sitting vacant, houses with tall grass, foreclosures, and fixer uppers for sale. Tom started buying these houses on his route with no money down, fixed them up, and rented them out and accumulated over 2 million dollars worth of real estate rental houses while still working full time at the Post Office. Tom retired from the Post Office at age 35 and began to focus more on Quick Turning and Rehabbing houses for fast cash profits! I have been involved in several real estate deals together with Tom and each and every one has generated tremendous profits. I recall one deal on a duplex in Palm Beach that we flipped to an investor. Tom and I split a net cash profit of $19,069.00 in just 3 weeks, and a few days ago, I participated in a closing where Tom left the closing table with a check for $41,730.32 on a house he retailed here in Lighthouse Point.  

David Dweck, Boca Raton, Florida

Wow, I could not believe all the great information that I received when attending your seminar! The Cash for Carrier’s Seminar was excellent even for someone who isn’t a letter carrier. Being just out of college, I came not knowing anything about the profits to be made in real estate. Now, just a few months later I am excited about all the opportunities I see because of your Seminar! Thanks.       

Ryan Grothouse , Florida
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