I Like Fair and Equitable House Flipping – It’s the Right Way to do Business!

I’m in the house flipping business and have been here for over 30 years.  I started with one deal, then another, and another, eventually stringing together a series of successful deals that enabled me to add much needed resources to grow my business, to establish key relationships, and to profit handsomely from my hard work.

After all the years, and all the people I’ve bought houses from, and all the people I’ve sold houses to, one thing has stayed with me and serves as the basis of any business, and that is the practice of treating people as being fair and equitable.  You can never lose using this practice. Not as a buyer or a seller.  Let me explain…..

First of all, what does it mean?

It means that when you are trying to buy a house to flip to a new buyer, you do so by spotting a great deal, making a fair offer in your best interest and yet and offer that is acceptable to the seller, and carrying through the deal in a professional and upright principled fashion.

At the end of your purchase no one should feel remorse for doing the deal.  One man’s profit should not equate to another man’s pain. There should be no winner and loser. In other words, equitable.

From the selling standpoint, It also means that you approach the repairs, the remodeling, the representation, and marketing of that house to a new buyer in a legitimate fashion, good workmanship on the repairs, good material, not a lipstick on a pig mentality.  When you find a buyer, you accept a deal that meets your equitable goals, the buyer feeling like they paid a fair price for their new home and off to a good start.

So now lets talk about the business of helping, coaching, and offering programs to people wanting to learn house flipping. Again, fair and equitable is key.

Many of my my students have been burnt by offers, programs, get rich quick schemes and the like, because these offerings are not simply not fair and equitable.  They promise overnight riches with little or no work, they discuss the path to being a millionaire as a stroll down a cobblestone lane.  The problem is, this is not accurate and in many cases, misleading.

The process of buying a house, improving its curb appeal, renovating the inside, and improving the overall value, and selling it for a profit is hard work, but well worth it.

A good system, timing, and buying the house at the right price, are all part of the process.  The end result is that profits can be made, a sense of accomplishment is felt, and a contribution to the community is achieved in many cases.

But you need a system, resources, a knowledge base, good timing, and a sense of a good buy to make it work.  I’ve developed these legitimate systems over the years and have proven them to be tried and true.  I know this because I’ve used them myself over a 30 year period, and yes, what I offer is a mentor and coaching program that is fair and equitable. I’m quite comfortable in saying that.

I currently coach house flipping students in every major real estate market in this country, so I get to see first hand what is working, and where.  If you would like more free information on house flipping from me and know how to profit from this business where you live, then click here: http://offers.tomnardonemillionairemailman.com/7step-ebook# for more information and to receive a copy of my new ebook.

Tom Nardone

“Millionaire Mailman”