Leap Ahead in Real Estate Investing by Following These Quick Tips to Find Cash Buyers

One of the websites I use to find cash buyers where I live is simply Craigslist.   If you start calling properties that are For Sale By Owner (FSBO), it wont take you long to realize that the FSBO listings are for the most part – Other Investors.

So, now you are thinking…. what are the Cash Investors doing in the For Sale By Owner section?  And how can You get this investor to cut you in on his deal?

Well, I guess Craigslist has no real way to police Investors from being in the FSBO section..

But Thats ok – because just by calling the FSBO section in Craigslist, you will ultimately come across FSBO’s, Other investors looking to sell their wholesale properties, and Realtors looking to sell houses for their clients.

Each of these 3 have value in filling up your database.

1 – When you talk to a FSBO, you can make an offer on their house.

2 – When you reach a Realtor on the phone in the FSBO section, ask them if they have any handyman specials, or houses that need too much work to be able to get a mortgage on the property.

You can also ask the Realtor if they have any bank owned properties under contract with one of their buyers, where it looks like the deal might fall through.  As long as the numbers work for you, you can step in as a buyer and close the transaction.

3 – When you talk to another investor/wholesaler, make friends with them and exchange information to add them to YOUR cash buyers list, as well as them adding you to their cash buyers list.

This will get you a steady stream of properties coming to your email inbox, and as you build your own cash buyers list, you may Co-Wholesale these deals by offering them to YOUR buyers list.  That would be how you get them to cut you in on their deal.

Lets talk more in my next post about what to do with the wholesale deal emails that these other investors will send you to find the cream of the crop buyers that are buying properties every month.

Enjoy the Journey!
Tom Nardone
“Millionaire Mailman”