Don’t Get Burned

No one wants to be burned, or hear about how a friend invested thousands of dollars into “the next big thing” only to find it was a sham or simply not feasible.  But, these situations do happen. There are advertisements everywhere for things legitimate, and not so legitimate.

This is also true for the House Flipping industry.  There are many programs advertised that offer get rich techniques in the “art of house flipping”, “zero to millions in months flipping houses”, etc.

I issue the same warning:  Don’t get burned.

I’ve been in the house flipping business, for over 30 years.  It is a good business to be in. Even with the ups and downs of housing booms and busts.  But there is no Get Rich Quick play.   It takes work,  an eye for a good deal, resources, and a good system in place to make it all happen.

All are equally important in order to be successful. Success in this business can happen quick, if you start out wholesaling, but it will take following some tested advice targeting tested lists, and singular laser focused action on getting to your goal.

Your first deal leading to a long successful run can be done in weeks when led with the right advice, leading to the pathway of another deal, and one after that, again and again.

Being in this business is one thing, mentoring people to enable them to be successful is another.  Note that they are two different things. Based on my 30 years of success, I’ve crafted a very careful program that explains what you need, how to get it, what procedural steps to take, what not to do etc.

My program is feasible, reasonable, and able to be learned if you are willing to follow instructions with what I tell you to do.

If you are not willing to work hard, then you are not going to succeed, and quite frankly, you need not apply.  I screen out people who are not serious about getting started on the right path, and getting to the next level.

If I am not the best fit for you, then I will refer you to someone who may be a better fit for you.  There is no chance of being burned here.  It’s that simple.

I have mentored hundreds  of students in the House Flipping business.  A few of them have come to my program after being mislead, sometimes burned, by other programs. I am always upset when I think that the money they wasted on those programs could have been put towards doing their first deal and making them real money.

The good news is that our program and system does just that, starts you down the path to being successful as a knowledgeable person doing profitable house flipping.

I mentioned above that you need a system, resources, a knowledge base, good timing, and a sense of a good buy to make it work.  I’ve developed these legitimate systems over the years and have proven them to be tried and true.  I know this because I’ve used them myself over a 30 year period.

Don’t get burned, get educated.

I currently coach house flipping students in every major real estate market in this country, so I get to see first hand what is working, and where.  If you would like more free information on house flipping from me and know how to profit from this business where you live, then click here:  for more information and to receive a copy of my new ebook.

Tom Nardone

“Millionaire Mailman”